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    David Eastwick commented  · 

    wanted to switch from trakt to simkl (your webpage is easier and nicer to use) but the import function is broken and says its imported 0

    according to Trakt:
    114 days, 9 hours, 0 mins watching
    3,426 episodes (4,077 plays of 123 shows)
    7 days, 6 hours, 54 mins watching
    84 movies (99 plays)

    so thats 84 movies 3426 tv shows minus the 0 that were imported correctly which equals (one sec....ok carry the 2, divide by pi.the speed of the train is c to the power of 5...) ah got it...all of them missing plus 2 (i wouls show my workings but it would involve a map of the london underground...never was great at maths)

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