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So I don't know if this is possible, but lately I have been watching TV shows that have been ended. Take "The Mentalist" for example before I knew about, I used another site to track my shows.

However, now I have added The Mentalist in my watching list, but I already watched until 5th season 15th episode. So is there a way for you guys to implement a pop-up that if I clicked S05E15 as watched a pop-up would appear saying do you want to mark all previous episode as watch "Yes" or "No"

If you picked yes, it will mark everything until S05E15 as watched, but if you clicked no it will only mark S05E15 as watched.


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  • Craig Fazekas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    it would be nice to implement this feature, but not only on the first episode watched. but rather have the option for every episode. otherwise it'd only be useful the one time.

    for example, if you've watched episodes 10 - 25 of a season that day, and the season contains 50 episodes.
    it would be a hassle to mark every episode, and incorrect to use the "mark season as watched" feature.

    but if there was a button that said "watched this episode, and all prior in this season" it would be very quick and easy to use.

    or perhaps the option to select episode X, and episode XX and be able to click "watch all episodes inbetween these two, including these two"

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