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Need to reload after going back a page

REALLY wish had Amazon Prime importing history. Also, doesn’t apply to me, but Apple…whatever iTunes/AppleTV app would be a good media importer.

+Stretch goals might be to import from those “TV apps, HBO GO/NOW, FOX, NBC, (you can see them on Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku), to import from a user’s FX profile (that’s connected to their Xfinity account to authorise it) could be cool.

For UI changes
If feasible, in Chrome you can have custom search engines, so, in the omnibox (where the URL is) I can type TAB and then type “X tv series” and return & Chrome takes me to the search results on BBC ( is the format required)

-I’m not sure what it is, caching, Javascript, but, clicking a show, going back (and no change but for the URL changing), then ⌘ R to refresh and then it’s fine. NBD for me, but this could confuse some, thinking the site is broken/unreliable,

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under review  ·  AdminAndrew (Founder, Simkl) responded  · 

1. Amazon and other sites don’t currently have history page of your watch list or APIs. If you know any, please let us know.

2. You can use{search_term_string} for search

3. Could you please try disabling Adblock or try using Chrome browser and see if you still have a back button issue? If yes, What page you open then go to, when the back button breaks?


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