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Watchnig on-line without a valid cable/satellite TV provider's client's ID

Links to the content or titles or/and informing about possibility of watching US productions (including TV series, documentaries, TV shows) that are available ONLY upon a VALID TV provider's login/number and password/telephone number (cable, satellite, others).
Anyone who don't have a cable (for example) tv and a real TV cannot watch ANY streaming videos. This is mostly about TV SERIES that are strongly protected with DRM's (digital media rights) and copyrights as themselves within US and entire world. I am from Poland and I cannot enter US content, even if there is no legal act saying so. Everything is built on so called marketing regions, a thing that should have never existed because US, Poland and almost 130 countries have signed 2 conventions of author's rights/copyrights in terms of economy rights and neighboring rights. This trick called marketing regions (for example: EMEA, ANZ, APAC, LATAM etc.) has been created by US corporations in order to protect technology, not the rights of HUMANS.

So we have many US TV stations like ie. Fox, ABC, CBS, Showtime and minor brands like Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, TV Land etc., etc. And most of their TOP TITLES are not present on Netflix, Hulu or Pandora. They are actually available only through traditional TV or via their apps (mostly on iOS, also on Android) or, the last instance, on such a monopolist as Amazon (available with Amazon Prime subscription) who dictates price inside US and around the world.

You cannot find best watched titles at Netflix or Hulu, but you can find them always at Amazon. I can just mention just few titles that I want to watch ANYWHERE free because I pay for Netflix and Hulu. I don't want to pay for 10 apps in order to watch 10 titles, it's nonsense. I want to watch The Martian, Gone Girl, Spy (Melissa McCarthy), American Sniper, my little son wants to watch again Transformers Robots in Disguise 2015 (1st season), my wife loves the series Younger (TV Land)... And there are tens of such titles.

I am from Poland, but most of you is from US. But we have the same thing with Polish productions or productions aired by Polish commercial TV's. We have many, many tv series, Polish series, that are aired only once and are not available anywhere (legally). If you enter Polish Television site you can watch over 150 TV series, twice more documentaries, regular current and former TV programs and shows. But this is a NATIONAL TV (only one national tv that has its NATIONWIDE
- 2 main channels TVP1, TVP2 (separate SD and HD),
- 1 separate TVPHD channel,
- 9 genre channels,
- 1 parliament internet TV channels
Apart from this it has 16 regional centers which gives us 16 different regional contents, aired simultaneously within one channel offer.
so as so it has to be free for everyone.

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